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The Global Pluralism Monitor

Our commitment to understanding the state of pluralism in different countries and contexts has led us to create the Global Pluralism Monitor, a resource which we believe is a catalyst for positive change. It is also a groundbreaking tool that transforms the way we understand and navigate the complex landscape of advancing pluralism worldwide.

    The Moment of Encounter:

    History, Disruptions, and Transformations

    In conversation with Nahlah Ayed, host of CBC Radio’s Ideas.

      Beyond Recovery

      The Power of pluralism in a divided age

      Join leading experts in conflict prevention, history and politics to discuss how societies worldwide can take concrete steps to move towards a recovery that is more meaningful, tangible and sustainable for all. 

      Annual Pluralism Lecture Reflection

      In lieu of our postponed 8th #AnnualPluralismLecture, watch our highlights of some of the incredible #WordsofPluralism these pluralism thought leaders shared that can guide us as we move into #2021.

      Inclusive Economies

      Check out the latest analysis on the Pluralism and the Pandemic portal exploring how to shift the economic narrative once and for all, from a shareholder-focused economy to one that values the stakeholder. (Illustration by Brandon Serbec)

      Virtual Book Launch

      Watch the Event

      Watch the discussion about the new book, “Diversity, Violence, and Recognition”, from peacebuilding scholars, Elisabeth King and Cyrus Samii, about recognizing ethnic identity as a strategy for building peace.

      Talking About Racism in the Classroom

      Watch the recording of the “Talking About Racism in the Classroom” webinar, delivered on August 28th, and facilitated by Destine Lord.

      Pluralism and the Pandemic

      Announcing the launch of our newest digital initiative exploring the impacts of the pandemic from the perspective of pluralism.  

      Photo: People leaving Antananarivo, Madagascar, during COVID-19. Photo: World Bank/Henitsoa Rafalia  

      Education Resources

      Check out the Centre’s new educational resources for high school teachers, including case studies and content from Portugal, Bolivia, Nigeria and Kenya.

      Our Mission

      The Centre serves as a global platform for comparative analysis, education and dialogue about the choices and actions that advance and sustain pluralism.

      What We’re Listening To

      The Mediator’s Studio

      An Oslo Forum podcast featuring stories on peace processes and peace diplomacy.