Educating for Pluralism

Education Program Overview

Education is critical to building inclusive societies that are resilient to fear and hate. Equipping learners to engage positively with difference is an urgent global challenge.

How do we foster a positive understanding of and engagement with diversity?

Through our education program we:

  • Equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to address issues related to diversity in the classroom.
  • Empower education leaders to develop strategies to strengthen inclusion in schools.
  • Collaborate on projects and resources that support the integration of pluralism across different contexts.

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Our Learning Framework responds to the opportunities and challenges of a changing, diverse and connected world. The framework supports learners by identifying the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to:

  • Reflect on and think critically about how historical narratives and interpretations of current events impact views of identity and ideas about who belongs.
  • Recognize and analyze how “hardware” (policies and institutions) and “software” (norms and attitudes) can reinforce systems of power and privilege or challenge group-based inequalities.
  • Engage in dialogue which includes multiple perspectives, marginalized viewpoints and different forms of expression to widen practices of belonging.
  • Apply a pluralism lens to social and political issues in order to collaborate on and advance inclusion, recognition and respect for diversity, locally and globally.

Audience: Our current program focuses on building the capacity of high school teachers, since adolescence is an optimal window for advancing critical thinking and shaping civic commitments. We also support educational institutions.

Curriculum alignment: Our framework aligns closely with learning objectives in history, citizenship, civics, political science and contemporary issues courses.

Our Work

Talking About Racism in the Classroom

Anti-Racism Resources and Webinar for Educators

Innovation Lab

International experts and stakeholders that provide feedback and insight on our education programming.

MOZAIKO Platform

Connects educators to our learning framework and to each other. Features learning materials from around the world.

Professional Development for Teachers

Equips pre-service and in-service teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to address pluralism in the classroom.

School Reflection Tool

Equips school leaders and educators to identify and address exclusion in their schools.

Resources & Collaborations

Examples of integrating pluralism in educational institutions and through curriculum, including projects with global partners.

Workshops and Presentations

Global conference presentations and interactive workshops on pluralism in education.