Pluralism in Practice

Pluralism in Practice

The Centre collaborates with a global community of experts, practitioners, policy-makers and thought leaders to generate conversations, events and resources that deepen understanding of pluralism and its applications across multiple fields of practice.


Exploring how pluralism can support conflict prevention and lay the foundations for sustainable peace by addressing structural and normative causes of conflict.

How Can Pluralism Contribute to Building More Sustainable Peace? (Event)

Ottawa, Canada 2020

How Can Pluralism Strengthen Peace? Lessons from the 2019 Global Pluralism Award winners (Event)

Paris, France 2019

Pathways for Peace: Inclusive Approaches to Preventing Violent Conflict (Event)

Nairobi, Kenya 2018

Bridging Ethnic Divides and Building Peace: Lessons from Kenya’s Experience (Event)

Ottawa, Canada 2018

Pluralism and Peace in a Fragmenting World: What is Canada’s Role?

Ottawa, Canada 2016

Human Rights and Minority Rights

Examining the impacts of group-based dynamics and horizontal inequalities and highlighting the importance of human and minority rights to build inclusive societies.

Human Rights, Minority Rights, Non-Discrimination and Pluralism (Publication)

Corinne Lennox, 2018

Roundtable on Human Rights, Minority Rights and Pluralism (Event)

Geneva, Switzerland 2018

The Battle for the South African Constitution: Protecting Minorities Through Power-Sharing or a Bill of Rights? (Event)

Toronto, Canada 2016

Migration and Refugees

Supporting efforts to understand the drivers of global migration and to communicate about refugees and immigrants in inclusive ways.

International Metropolis Conference

Ottawa, Canada 2019

Addressing Rising Nationalism in Europe: Views from Germany’s Green Party (Event)

Ottawa, Canada 2018

Sustainable Development

Elaborating how pluralism is foundational to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

How Does Pluralism Advance the Sustainable Development Agenda? (Article)

Ottawa, Canada 2019

International Development, Sustainable Development Goals and Pluralism (Publication)

Elisabeth King, 2018

Justice for All: Canadian Launch of the Report of the Task Force on Justice (Event)

Ottawa, Canada 2019

UN Deputy Secretary-General calls for global action to address inequality (Event)

Lisbon, Portugal 2019

History and Memory

Supporting societies to build inclusive historical narratives that reflect their country’s diversity.

EUROCLIO—European Association of History Educators’ 25th Annual Conference

Marseille, France 2018

History and Memory in Kyrgyzstan (Project)

Osh, Kyrgyzstan 2016-2017

The Spanish Transition Forty Years Later: Democracy, Devolution and Pluralism (Publication)

Francisco Colom Gonzalez, 2017

Governance and Democratic Transitions

Exploring the institutional and cultural dynamics that impact how diversity is understood and governed.

Democracy and the Accommodation of Diversity (Publication)

Rotimi Suberu, 2018

Democracy Promotion and Pluralism (publication)

Gerd Schönwälder, 2018

Tunisia: Seven Years after the Revolution Achievements and Challenges (Event)

Ottawa, Canada 2018

Prospects for Pluralism Post-Arab Spring: Does Tunisia Suggest a Way Forward? (Event)

Ottawa, Canada 2015

Private Sector

The Diversity Dividend: Canada’s Global Advantage (Event)

Ottawa, Canada 2017