Diversity is a fact. Pluralism is a choice.

The experience of living with diversity is not new, but as the world grows more interconnected, the challenges of building inclusive societies have intensified. The rise of populism and xenophobia in many parts of the world – targeted at immigrants, refugees, ethnic and religious minorities and others deemed “foreign” – stems, in part, from a fear of diversity and a lack of respect for human differences.

Pluralism offers a different path. By responding positively to human differences, that is, by choosing pluralism, more positive social outcomes are possible.

We need to change the global response to diversity. 

Each day, individuals, governments and other organizations champion pluralism around the world. And each day, the Global Centre for Pluralism seeks to support these champions and to inform their work. From the Global Pluralism Award that recognizes and supports exceptional people and projects, to analysis, education and dialogue, we work to build awareness and understanding of the choices and actions that advance pluralism.

Pluralism offers a pathway to living peacefully and productively in diverse societies. But building a more inclusive world is challenging and cannot be accomplished without your help.

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