Pluralism and the Pandemic

Inclusive Economies

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Our contributors reflect on how to shift the economic narrative once and for all, from a shareholder-focused economy to one that values the stakeholder, with a keen interest in advancing pluralism.

Spotlight on Latin America

Experts reflect on how the pandemic has impacted Latin America and how governments and communities are responding.

“We Are in This Together”

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson

Madame Clarkson reflects on the fragility of our societiesthe changing nature of media and journalism, and how far Canada has come since she arrived as a child refugee.  

Illustration by Brandon Serbec

Canada’s Role on the Global Stage

Article by the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark

Canada and pluralism both have key roles to play in responding to the pandemic, says former Canadian Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark.

Photo: Patrick Doyle


This new digital initiative from the Global Centre for Pluralism explores the impacts of the pandemic from the perspective of pluralism. The pandemic has reinforced that we live in a global community – what happens to one society affects all of us. It is therefore the responsibility of every individual to become an advocate for pluralism. We invite you to explore the themes below.

Featured Analysis

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Through the Pandemic, From Government to the Private Sector

Interview with Vanessa Erogbogbo

Government and private sector have a responsibility to support women and informal workers weather the pandemic.

Inclusive Economic Recovery in African Cities and Beyond

Q & A with Astrid Haas

Astrid discusses rising poverty, urbanization and what is needed for inclusive economic recovery in Uganda and beyond.

Spending "More, Better and Differently": How Governments Can Change the Narrative from Neoliberalism to Wellbeing

An interview with Paolo de Renzio

Governments must respond to the pandemic with innovative economic policymaking to relieve the burden on those suffering the most.

Building Back the Post-Pandemic Economy: How a Circular Economy Can Help the Planet and Our Communities

Q & A with Alice Irene Whittaker

How the pandemic has revealed the fault lines in our economic model and is pushing us to adopt a new,...

Inequality in Guatemala, Venezuelan Migration and Latin American Regional Leadership

An interview with Eduardo Stein

Eduardo Stein discusses institutional and judicial weakness, the impacts on Venezuelan migrants and refugees, the role of women’s leadership and...

The Peace Process, Security and Building Connection in Colombia: The Effects of the Pandemic

An interview with Paula Gaviria

Paula Gaviria reflects on the impacts of the pandemic on the Colombian peace process, and vulnerable displaced populations in Latin...

Structural Inequality, Polarization and Declining Gang Violence: The Pandemic in Central America

An interview with Tiziano Breda

Tiziano Breda discusses how governments and gangs in Central America are using the pandemic as an opportunity to further their...

How a New Chilean Constitution Might Address Inequalities Revealed by the Pandemic

An interview with Catalina Fernández Carter

Human rights lawyer Catalina Fernández Carter discusses how the pandemic has revealed Chile as an unequal country but how a...

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