Pluralism and the Pandemic

Pluralism in a Fractured World: The Challenge of Our Times

Interview with Meredith Preston McGhie

Publication Date: July 2020

Author: Meredith Preston McGhie

Meredith Preston McGhie

Meredith Preston McGhie is Secretary General of the Global Centre for Pluralism. She has devoted more than 20 years to addressing conflict and instability in Africa and Asia in some of the most troubled situations. From working with the Naga in Northeast India and indigenous communities on the Thai-Myanmar border, to supporting UN efforts in Kosovo, Northern Iraq and several African countries, her work has straddled frontline negotiation, policy and diplomacy. Most recently, as Africa Regional Director with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, she oversaw the HD Centre’s complex mediation and dialogue efforts in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sudan, Somalia and South Sudan, among other places.  

This interview with CBC Reporter Zahra Premji ian excerpt from “Friday Night Reflections” broadcast on The Ismaili TV on July 3, 2020.  

In this interview, Ms. Preston McGhie reflects on hopluralism contributes to conversations on systemic racism and marginalization around the world and how the Centre is addressing inequality through its work.