Meredith Preston McGhie Reflects on Mediation

Publication Date: August 2020

The latest episode of The Mediator’s Studio features Meredith Preston McGhie, Secreatry-General for the Global Centre for Pluralism. In this episode, Meredith gives us an insight into the world of peace processes and peace keeping by sharing fascinating experiences of her journey to become a mediator.

“Secretary General of the Global Centre for Pluralism, Meredith Preston McGhie, reveals the backroom story of working closely with Kofi Annan to resolve Kenya’s violent political crisis in 2008, typing out the peace deal as each word was negotiated, with senior ministers circling her to glimpse the draft on her laptop. She lays bare the mediator’s craft while describing her work to resolve conflicts in Asia and Africa, admitting that while heavily pregnant she once threatened to go into labour when negotiations began to stall.”

– The Mediator’s Studio

Listen to the complete episode here