Pluralism and the Pandemic

What Are Cities Learning About Inclusion from the Pandemic?

Interview with David Lubell

Author: David Lubell

David Lubell

David Lubell is the Founder of Welcoming America, and recently shifted his full-time focus to the organization’s international efforts as the Founding Director of the Welcoming International program. An accomplished social entrepreneur, David inspires people to build a different kind of world — one that embraces immigrants and refugees, and fosters opportunity for all. Welcoming America, established in 2009, works with over 200 cities and towns across the U.S., supporting NGO’s and local governments to transform their communities into inclusive places where everyone thrives. Welcoming America was an honourable mention recipient for the 2017 Global Pluralism Award.

He was interviewed by Daniel Cervan-Gil, Manager of Programs at the Global Centre for Pluralism on June 19, 2020.

In this interview, David reflects on inclusive policy responses to the pandemic, including emergency response, recovery planning and emergent solidarity. He discusses the actions needed today to ensure more equitable and resilient societies tomorrow that respect the diversity of migrants, refugees and other marginalized groups.