Pluralism and Public Accountability

Pluralism and Public Accountability: Implementing Kenya's 2010 Constitution

On April 3, 2014, over 80 people joined Yash Pal Ghai (Katiba Institute), Karuti Kanyinga (Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi) and Patricia Kameri-Mbote (Dean of Law, University of Nairobi) for a wide-ranging discussion of pluralism and public accountability in Kenya.

After more than a decade of debate and discussion, in 2010 Kenyans achieved constitutional reform. The new constitution disperses state power and tackles the root causes of many simmering inter-ethnic grievances. Although the new constitution presents a “revolutionary” vision for an inclusive Kenyan nation and a reformed Kenyan state, panellists cautioned that many barriers to implementation remain.

This Forum, the fourth in a series, was presented in partnership with the International Development Research Centre and the Katiba Institute.  

Following the Forum, editors Yash Pal Ghai and Jill Cottrell signed copies of Ethnicity, Nationhood and Pluralism: Kenyan Perspectives, which Katiba Institute and the Global Centre for Pluralism co-published in 2013.


Yash Pal Ghai


Patricia Kameri-Mbote


Karuti Kanyinga