Diplomacy and Pluralism

Diplomacy and Pluralism: A conversation with the Women Heads of Diplomatic Missions

On November 25, 2022, the Global Centre for Pluralism partnered with H.E. Ambassador Reem Al Khaled, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait, to present a conversation with the Women Heads of Diplomatic Missions, Diplomacy and Pluralism: Dilemmas on the state of the world and how pluralism can help to re-think and reshape our approaches.

We were joined by Ambassador Jacqueline O’Neill, Canada’s Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security. The dynamic conversation covered a number of themes including:

  • The need for tailor-made approaches to pluralism in every country, that take into account different contexts, traditions, and structures of power
  • Defending against the risk that social media is calcifying identities rather than helping to bridge divides


  • The need for more success stories about pluralism to be shared around the world, especially in tackling some of the most intractable issues such as the gap between rich and poor
  • The shared experience of being a woman ambassador and having had to prove yourself “doubly” before even being considered for the role

We were delighted to welcome this group of woman ambassadors to the Centre and look forward to more opportunities to engage with them in the coming years.


H.E. Ambassador Reem Al Khaled

Ambassador of the State of Kuwait

Ambassador Jacqueline O’Neill

Canadian Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security