Centre Partners on Values-Based Education Project in Mombasa, Kenya

Values-based education workshop for teacher development, in Mombasa, Kenya

In 2018, the Centre partnered with the Aga Khan Foundation, the Aga Khan Academy and Dream a Dream, an NGO based in Bangalore, India, to design a teacher development program that aims to promote pluralistic values in and through the Kenyan education system. Kenya is a unique context in which to pilot this program: the country adopted a competency and values-based national curriculum in 2017, following a global trend recognizing the need for values and attitudes to be explicitly addressed by education. As such, Kenyan teachers are required to integrate values into their everyday teaching practice, as well as focus on developing a broader set of learners’ competencies.


Since teachers and school leaders are the key to educational change, they need learning experiences to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills in embracing their own pluralistic values and attitudes – including building on competencies and qualities such as self-awareness, empathy and open-mindedness, collaboration, critical thinking, conflict resolution and respect for diversity, among others. By participating in this teacher development program, teachers and school leaders will be more prepared to promote these values and attitudes in their classroom teaching, integrate it into the curriculum and foster community support.

In May 2018, through a series of in-person workshops with local teachers and civil society representatives, followed by a writing workshop in October, program partners, in collaboration with educators, developed four workshop modules. The modules are based on Dream a Dream’s methodology, which uses a creative life skills approach to empower young people from vulnerable backgrounds. Their approach focuses on creating transformative experiences that shift behaviour through creative risk taking, experiential learning and fun.

Incorporating Dream a Dream’s methodology, each of the four modules will take place over two days. The modules will be spread out over six to eight months, allowing for individual and small group reflection between modules. The modules focus on the following themes: the self; the relationship with others; the role as a teacher; and the role as a teacher within the curriculum. The four modules will be piloted in 2019 in Mombasa, Kenya, as well as in Pakistan, with local teachers and civil society representatives, and will be refined and adapted for other geographies going forward.