Book Launch: Bean and Grandma’s Weekend

Author Talk and Roundtable Discussion with Wentanoron Ariana Roundpoint

On May 5, 2023, the Global Centre for Pluralism was invited to host a celebration for the launch of Bean and Grandma’s Weekend by Wentanoron Ariana Roundpoint in partnership with TakingITGlobal and CCUNESCO.

Bean and Grandma’s Weekend is a children’s book about the moments shared between a grandmother and grandson that begin mending the gap between two generations through the revitalization of the Mohawk language and sacred traditions. The Centre hosted community members, Senators, civil servants, elected officials, educators, parents and volunteers who joined in the conversation focussed on tangible actions to promote Indigenous languages. 

Following opening remarks from the Centre’s Senior Manager of Education, Nathalie Sirois, other invited guests, and a reading by the author, guests participated in roundtable discussions to brainstorm ways to contribute to the effort of supporting the revitalization of Indigenous languages.  

Event partners included TakingITGlobal and the Connected North program where the author is involved as a content provider and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO as part of the United Nations International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032). 

Background on Bean and Grandma’s Weekend 

This children’s book marks the beginning of a magical journey. Moments shared between grandmother and grandson begin the mending of a gap between two powerful generations; one who keeps the sacred traditions alive, and another to feed the flames of the future. The new generation who will never forget where they came from. Bean learns from his grandma the importance of learning the language, the wisdom of picking medicines, and the peace of his grandmother’s life. This book sparks a conversation about why it is vital to remember who we are. Where we came from and where we can go. 

About the Author 

Wentanoron Ariana Roundpoint is a Mohawk woman from Akwesasne, Ontario. She began writing in her elementary school years and decided to never stop after that. In high school, she wrote every chance she had, wanting to put to paper all the fantastical stories she couldn’t wait to share with the world. Now she works to help mend the gap between two generations; one who speaks the mother language of her people, and another racing towards new heights for the future. All her life she has learned the importance of knowing her language and learning just how unique her heritage is. And so she continues her literary journey with her children’s books and continues to allow her history and heritage to inspire. She has many plans to bring to life all her most magical stories to share. 

About Connected North, a Program of TakingITGlobal 

A program operated by Canadian registered charity TakingITGlobal, Connected North uses a technology driven, classroom-based approach to connect First Nations, Inuit and Métis students and teachers living in remote communities across Canada to live virtual learning experiences and opportunities available to them locally. Sessions are customized to meet the unique needs of every school, teacher and classroom. Amplifying learning resources to support the revitalization of Indigenous languages is an important component.