Pluralism Reflection Tool for Higher Education Institutions

The Pluralism Reflection Tool for Higher Education was adapted from our Reflection Tool for Schools thanks to a collaboration with Marieke de Vos (Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts) and Daniel Otieno (Kenyatta University).

It includes the following eight dimensions:

  1. Vision, Mission and Strategic Planning
  2. Institutional Culture and Commitments
  3. Hiring, Professional Development and Training
  4. Physical Spaces and Activities
  5. Engagement
  6. Curriculum and Content
  7. Methodology and Pedagogy / Teacher Preparedness
  8. Pluralism-specific Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes


    Step 1: Establish a Steering Committee
    Step 2: Contextualize the Reflection Tool
    Step 3: Hold consultations
    Step 4: Develop an Action Plan
    Step 5: Identify Resources and Tools
    Step 6: Implement Action Plan
    Step 7: Share and Learn from Each Other

    For more information, contact the Education team at [email protected]