Retreat or Advance?

Retreat or Advance? Reframing Europe's Multiculturalism Debates

Multiculturalism is dead. Multiculturalism has failed. Or so many European leaders and pundits declare. And yet in other places – notably Canada and Australia – support for multiculturalism policies remains high. What accounts for this apparent gap?  Is European diversity policy really in retreat, or is another approach emerging? Where are the dividing lines? Or is there a growing transatlantic convergence?

On April 4, 2012, over 120 guests joined the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa for its first Pluralism Forum, a new series of moderated dialogues and debates with leading international authorities on the policies and practices that support pluralism.


Keith Banting


Will Kymlicka


Tariq Modood


Susan Harada - Moderator