Reimagining Democracy and Civic Participation


Putting Pluralism at the Center

On November 12th, the Global Centre for Pluralism participated in a panel session at the 2021 Paris Peace Forum:

Reimagining democracy and civic participation: Putting pluralism at the center

As the space for civil society to address issues of inequality, exclusion, and division shrinks around the world, this session featured a thematically and geographically diverse group of actors and Global Pluralism Award finalists, whose work strives to expand the limits of where civic action can take place.

The session’s speakers advance pluralism in various spaces, both conventional and unconventional, where their individual efforts contribute to systemic change and challenge narratives of difference and belonging in their countries and worldwide.

Two Global Pluralism Award finalists, Dani Elazar from Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel, and Aisha Khagai from Namati Kenya joined Catherine Bossard from Observatoire Pharos and Meredith Preston McGhie, Secretary General of the Global Centre for Pluralism to discuss the creative ways in which they reach across divides, engage communities and advance pluralism in diverse societies.


Dani Elazar

Chief Executive Officer of Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel, 2021 Global Pluralism Award finalist

Aisha Khagai

Program Officer at Namati Kenya, 2021 Global Pluralism Award finalist

Catherine Bossard

Director of Observatoire Pharos, The World Barometer of Cultural and Religious Pluralism, Paris Peace Forum Scale-Up Project

Meredith Preston McGhie

Secretary General, Global Center for Pluralism