Pluralism, Peace and Security in Turbulent Times

A Dialogue with Ministers of Foreign Affairs

On March 10, 2023, the Global Centre for Pluralism hosted a dialogue with the Honourable Anniken Huitfeldt and the Honourable Mélanie Joly on the changing landscape of global security and cooperation, Pluralism, Peace and Security in Turbulent Times: A Dialogue with Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Secretary General Meredith Preston McGhie delivered brief opening remarks with a land acknowledgment and a reminder of the Centre’s mission to engage in difficult conversations in the pursuit of reconciliation, peace, and of pluralism. The following conversation focused on major security challenges and themes including: 

  • The long history of cooperation and collaboration Canada and Norway share. As Members of the Arctic Council, as well as Allies within NATO, and as northern nations, the countries uphold common values of open dialogue, human rights, democracy, and multilateralism.
  • The need to uplift historically marginalized voices in order to include diverse perspectives at decision-making tables with both Ministers emphasizing that sustainable peace is achieved by fostering pluralism within communities.



  • Recognizing that given today’s turbulent and polarized times, strategic diplomacy and open dialogue is needed even with people that might be considered adversaries.
  • Defending against common security threats and diplomatically engaging with states that abide by the UN Charter and a rules-based international order.
  • The protection and promotion of universal human rights as a way to build stability and strengthen civil societies across the world. 

The concluding conversation with the panelists and attendees highlighted the complexities of building an international security landscape that prioritizes universality. Both Canada and Norway are committed to advancing peace processes which consider those most impacted by conflict and destabilization.

The Centre was honoured to host Minster Huitfeldt and Minster Joly and looks forward to more opportunities to learn from one another and strengthen the close partnership between Canada and Norway. 


The Honourable
Anniken Huitfeldt

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway

The Honourable
Mélanie Joly

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada

Meredith Preston McGhie

Secretary General, Global Centre for Pluralism