MOZAIKO Platform

An online platform that connects educators and school leaders committed to pluralism

Building a Global Community of Practice



By joining MOZAIKO, educators and school leaders can:

  • Connect to our Learning Framework and corresponding educational resources. These publicly available learning materials correspond to different objectives and are added to regularly.
  • Extend conversations initiated in one of GCP’s workshops, trainings or projects. Private groups allow participants to develop, build and maintain relationships and develop initiatives that come out of GCP education programming.
  • Interact with a global community of educators to provide support, share challenges and best practices and collaborate on projects in classrooms, schools, local communities and beyond.

The platform will also eventually serve to connect classrooms—and students—to each other.

If you have a resource to share or have any questions about the platform please contact us: [email protected].

To bring you Mozaiko, the Global Centre for Pluralism partnered with linkr , an edTech company that powers educational communities and supports experiential and inclusive pedagogy.