MOZAIKO Platform

We are launching MOZAIKO, our online learning platform in fall 2020 and we want you to join us!

MOZAIKO will connect educators –and eventually students– to our Learning Framework and corresponding educational resources.

By joining MOZAIKO, educators will be able to:

  • Connect with a global community of educators who are committed to building more inclusive classrooms and equitable school environments. Using the platform’s interactivity, they can offer each other peer-to-peer support and learn from best practices in classrooms and schools in their own communities and beyond. The platform will also serve to connect classrooms—and students—to each other.
  • Access our Reflection Tool for Schools to empower schools around the world to examine how inclusion and equity currently figure in their existing policies and practices, and determine the actions required to model pluralism in policy and practice at all levels of the school environment. Launching September 2020!
  • Participate in our Professional Development training comprising 6 weeks of moderated, self-paced sessions. Participants will move through our Learning Framework experientially as they collaborate on concrete strategies that support pluralism in the classroom. Launching September 2020!

For more information and to be notified when the platform launches, please contact [email protected].

To bring you Mozaiko, the Global Centre for Pluralism partnered with linkr , an edTech company that powers educational communities and supports experiential and inclusive pedagogy.