Whenever possible, the Global Centre for Pluralism shares its vision for Educating for Pluralism through presentations, resources and partnerships. We also support organizations and educators looking to apply a pluralism lens to their work.

Presentations and Workshops

EUROCLIO Workshop - April 2018

Oxford Symposium - June 2018

Kyrgyzstan Workshop - September 2017

Oxford Symposium - June 2017

Oxford Symposium Keynote (Huguette Labelle) - June 2017

La Francophonie Youth Workshop - October 2016


Teaching Unit: Pluralism and Identity in Bolivia

Teaching Unit: Pluralism and Inequality in Nigeria

Cultivating Pluralistic Disposition: A Case Study on Professional Development from Portugal

Educating for Leadership: A Case Stdy on Developing Pluralistic and Ethically Minded Students in Kenya


Teaching Contested Histories (EUROCLIO)

Supporting Values-Based Education in Kenya (Aga Khan Foundation)

International Youth White Paper on Global Cotizenship (Centre for Global Education)