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On April 1st, Stefan Wolff and Patrick Travers came to talk about how to identify trends of social exclusion that could lead to violent conflict.
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About Pluralism

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Pluralism is an umbrella concept for various approaches to inclusive citizenship through mutual respect. Every society must choose its own path.
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Global Links

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Knowledge to support pluralism exists worldwide, but it's not always easy to find. Follow our links to some useful global resources.
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Future Home

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The Centre is renovating the former Canadian war museum building to create a global destination for dialogue. Learn more about the project here.
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bishkekmarket highlights Dialogue on pluralism in Kyrgyzstan

Dialogue between people and across perspectives is a key to building more inclusive societies. In October 2013, the Centre convened a range of Kyrgyzstani and international partners to assess how the pluralism lens applies to Kyrgyzstan. The report is available in Russian and English.



apr3forum2014 highlights

Is Kenya's constitution a support to pluralism?

Kenya's 2010 constitution defines an inclusive nation with an accountable state. Does it go far enough? Our April 3rd Pluralism Forum panellists -- Yash Pal Ghai of Katiba Institute and Karuti Kanyinga and Patricia Kameri-Mbote of the University of Nairobi – say yes and no. Find out more >



hishighness parliamentFeb28 The Centre's Chairman addresses Canadian Parliament

On February 27, in a historic address to a joint session of the Parliament of Canada, His Highness the Aga Khan lauded Canada as a leader for advancing pluralism in the world, highlighting the vital role of civil societies in making room for diversity with equality. Read more >



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