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No single organization can support the equitable and inclusive outcomes of pluralism. The Global Centre for Pluralism joins a worldwide community of practice. Whether taking a global perspective, or addressing concerns specific to one society or region, research and learning about the conditions that support – or impede – respect for diversity exists in many different places and in different forms.

As we begin, here are some of our favourite global links – organizations, information sources, and constitutions projects that address aspects of pluralism.


globallinksgraphic landingpageMany organizations examine aspects of pluralism as part of their mission. Some promote one or more of the conditions that enable respect for diversity. Others seek to understand or prevent violent conflict stemming from or attributed to social diversity.

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Indices and Surveys

globallinksgraphic landingpageNo existing index or survey examines the world through a pluralism lens. However, some global or regional information resources do illuminate some of the drivers of cohesion and fracture in diverse societies.

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Constitution Projects

globallinksgraphic landingpageConstitutions are a vital support to the outcomes of pluralism. Several organizations and research initiatives focus on constitutions and constitution-making processes.

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