Each year we report to the Government of Canada on how we use and manage the endowment fund created by the founding partners. Offered in English and French, each annual report includes a program update and audited financial statements.

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan outlines the Centre’s plans and priorities for the upcoming year.


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CorporatePlan2016 Reports


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 Annual Reports


Albie Sachs and HHAK 2016In 2016, the Global Centre for Pluralism increased global understanding of pluralism and the practical ways it can be applied. South African Justice Albie Sachs (left) delivered the fifth Annual Pluralism Lecture.

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Pluralism T Sandler 0259In 2015, the Global Centre for Pluralism expanded its efforts to promote pluralism. The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin (left) delivered the fourth Annual Pluralism Lecture.

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AntonioGuterres 2014reportIn 2014, the Global Centre for Pluralism continued to develop programs and resources to support leadership for pluralism. António Guterres (left) delivered the third annual pluralism lecture.

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kofiannan 2013report2013 was a year of programmatic growth and expansion in which the Centre began to translate its Strategic Program into a practical program. Kofi Annan (left) delivered the second annual pluralism lecture.

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rozaotunbayeva 2012report In 2012 we completed our first full operating year. The Board of Directors approved a 2013-2015 Strategic Program and we inaugurated two new event series: the Pluralism Forum and an Annual Pluralism lecture series, which featured former Kyrgyz Republic president Roza Otunbayeva (pictured left).

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johnmcnee 2011report 2011 was a year of growth and building for the Global Centre for Pluralism. The Board of Directors appointed our first Secretary General, John McNee (pictured left), who recruited key staff, opened a temporary office in the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat in Ottawa, and organized our first public event.

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boardroom 2010report

In 2010, the Centre's inaugural Board of Directors was appointed. Key decisions about executive recruitment, strategic planning, facilities development and communications launched a new operational phase. These decisions supported an active year of work and development in 2011.

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330sussex 2009report

In 2009, we advanced our programmatic vision with thematic research on pluralism and case studies. We also began working with the National Gallery of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the National Capital Commission to explore a shared approach to precinct planning around our future home at 330 Sussex Drive.

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In 2012, we commissioned an external formative evaluation of our initial start-up period from the constitution of the endowment fund in March 2007 to March 2012. The result was very positive.

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"Based on the progress the Centre has made in strategic planning, governance, investment management, programs and activities, facilities, human resources, management and administration, and accountability, it is well positioned to achieve its objectives."

    Arpent Associates, Formative Evaluation Report, September 2012

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