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Changing the global conversation about diversity

There is a pressing need to change the global conversation about diversity. In too many places, diversity is a source of competition and fear. Taken to extremes, escalating exclusion leads to oppression, extremism and violence. Rooted in respect and inclusion, pluralism offers a different path. 

More than anything, a commitment to pluralism creates mutual benefits, giving every member of society reason to get along.  

  • When valued rather than feared, human diversity enriches and benefits a society.  
  • Having difference recognized by the state and the nation fosters belonging, participation and equality. 
  • Cultures of inclusion do not erase difference or disagreement; rather, they offer ways to manage conflict peacefully.
  • Majority identities and minority aspirations must be considered.
  • Pluralist societies require ongoing work and investment – by citizens, civil societies and governments – but the returns are enormous. 

To change the conversation about diversity, attitudes and practices must change. Investments in education and teacher training are needed. Positive health outcomes and a sense of belonging and well-being are needed. Equitable access to and benefit from the resources of the state are needed. 

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To help change the global conversation about diversity, the Centre is developing a Pluralism Lens. Based on our “pluralism drivers”, the Lens offers a holistic approach to thinking about the sources of inclusion and exclusion in diverse societies.  

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