“What a wonderful, liberating thing it would be if more of us, more of the time, could see diversity not as a burden, but as a blessing; not as a threat, but as an opportunity.”
– His Highness the Aga Khan


Do you know a pluralism champion? The Pluralism Award 2019 recognizes & supports achievements in tackling the challenge of living peacefully with diversity.


Explore the Centre’s new publication series, Accounting for Change in Diverse Societies.

Our Mission

The Centre serves as a global platform for comparative analysis, education and dialogue about the choices and actions that advance and sustain pluralism.

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Global Pluralism Award 2019

Explore the highlights from the inaugural celebration of the Global Pluralism Award.

Recent Event:

Bridging Ethnic Divides and Building Peace: Lessons from Kenya’s Experience

The Centre partnered with Simon Fraser University Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue to launch a new book by Alice...


History and Memory

The Centre presented a masterclass for history educators in Kyrgyzstan on promoting belonging and inclusion through history education.

What We're Reading

Pluralism paves a path to inclusion

An op-ed in the Globe and Mail by Award Jury members, the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark (Chair) and Ms. Bience Gawanas